Bradford 264-270A Rodolfo's Studio.jpg


Rodolfo’s Studio (No. 268).

A three-car garage next to the main house was converted long ago into a studio. I must reluctantly confess that I don’t know who “Rodolfo” is, since the residents of the last decade and a half have included Walter S. Ford (b 1908), a retiree; Frank Salles III (b 1930), a snack bar manager; Joyce E. Salles (b 1929), who worked in advertising; Josephine Wood (b 1943), a postal clerk; Susan Leonard (b 1950), a chiropractor; Theo (Cozzi) Poulin (b 1949), a restaurant manager; and Randolph J. Poulin (b 1945). According to the sign out front, Rodolfo’s Studio was established in 1968.

¶ Last updated on 23 November 2016.


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