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The property now denominated 269 Bradford used to be part of a much larger parcel that included the abutters at 269A Bradford and 564 Commercial. Today, they are three separate tax lots. This was the summer home of the influential artists William Johnson L’Engle Jr. (1884-1957) and Lucy Stelle (Brown) L’Engle (1889-1978) and then, until 1975, the home of their first daughter, Madeleine “Mady” (L’Engle) Davis, and her husband, Edward S. “Tootsie” Davis, a lobsterman and carpenter, who sold live lobsters here. Klaus G. Betten purchased 269 Bradford in 2015.

¶ Last updated on 3 October 2017. ¶ Image courtesy of the Town Assessor, Key 3567.

Daniel L’Engle Davis wrote on 26 April 2016: I’m a Provincetown native who grew up at 269 Bradford Street, the former summer home of my grandparents (my mom’s parents), the painters William and Lucy L’Engle, who purchased the property in 1917. They were an early part of the art history in Provincetown and Truro and beyond, and they loved that property and the time they spent there. Some of their closest friends and neighbors lived right opposite, on the Commercial Street side — Susan Glaspell and Jig Cook, for example.

Daniel L’Engle Davis wrote on 4 May 2016: My father, Edward “Tootsie” Davis, the youngest of 16 (!) Ptown kids in his family, had — if not the first — then one of the very first live lobster pools in town, called — what else? — the Davis Lobster Pool! It’s the front building right on 269 Bradford Street.



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