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Cape End Harbor Condominium (Unit 7).

Earle S. Johnson, who owned 29 Alden Street from 1946 to 1959, used this structure as a garage. In 1963, The Advocate carried several advertisements for the David Rothman Frame Shop at 29 Alden Street, “Opposite the Laundromat.” The next summer began with a couple of ads in The Advocate for the Alden Street Workshop, which featured an exhibition of photographs by Jacob H. “Jay” Saffron (1911-1981) and his wife, Catherine C. “Pat” (Murphy) Saffron (1911-1993), who then owned the property. From 1964 through 1967, George “Moe” Van Dereck used the garage and shack as Moe’s Fancy Alden Street Workshop, where you could get your guitar fixed, buy supplies, and pick up tickets for the hootenannies that Van Dereck organized. The shack was depicted in a 1966 ad for the Alden Street Workshop published by The Advocate. (Thumbnail image.) In 2005, Cassandra Benson and Mary Alice Wells purchased the three-building property at 29 Alden Street, including the garage and shack, from Judith B. Saffron. The next year, Benson and Wells created the Cape End Harbor Condominium by dividing the property into seven units. Units 1-5 are in the main house. Unit 6 once served as Jacob Saffron’s darkroom. And this building is Unit 7. It has been greatly remodeled in recent years and serves once again as a garage.

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2020 Alden 029 Unit 7 GalleryPhoto of 29 Alden Street shack taken in 2011 by David W. Dunlap.

2020 Alden 029 01 1966From The Provincetown Advocate, 15 September 1966, Page 5. Image courtesy of the Provincetown Public Library.


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