Allerton 03

(April 2010)

James Thomas, a member of the Bonedome Construction Company, who ferried people and supplies to the dune shacks in a specially modified Model A Ford (that was how he met the artist Edith Hughes, who was to become his wife), built this house and three-car garage in 1938. Their daughter, Michal (Thomas) Barnes, lives in Ohio but still owns this property. Daniel Towler, one of the town’s more informed and passionate historians, has lived here since 1995. Edith’s backyard studio has been used by the potter Debbi Kahn, the sculptor Paul Bowen, and the painter Bert Yarborough. In recent years, the painter Alyssa Schmidt sold miniature landscapes from a roadside stand here, on the honor system. — From Building Provincetown.

Behind the main house (1938) at 3 Allerton Street is a small shed that has served for years as an artist’s studio – now used in summers by the painter Bert Yarborough, a faculty member at the Fine Arts Work Center and at Colby-Sawyer College; formerly by the sculptor Paul Bowen. “It is a great little space,” Yarborough said. “But my best studio is Hatches Harbor out at the end of Herring Cove beach!” Yarborough was married to Cynthia Huntington, who wrote The Salt House, about their experiences in the dune shack Euphoria.

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