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(April 2010)

Jack Kearney of Chicago, who trained at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and in Italy, was a sculptor in the classical medium of bronze and the less classical medium of automobile parts. This was his studio and fabrication plant, on property he purchased in 1984. “Kearney has welded the curved ends of chrome car bumpers into the organic shapes of such beasts as the bison, Siberian tiger, snowy egret and white rhinoceros,” Christopher Busa wrote in Provincetown Arts. Among the works cast here were characters from The Wizard of Oz, for Oz Park in Chicago. When a girl spotted the newly finished Tin Man, she admonished the sculptor that he’d forgotten the heart. Kearney told her father to bring her back the next day, by which time he’d given Tin Man a heart of stainless steel. A man of great heart himself, Kearney died in 2014. — From Building Provincetown (2015).

Cole Shacochis Edwards wrote on 28 May 2013: Our sculpture is something we saved and planned to buy for years.

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