Alden 030

(October 2012)

For much of the 20th century, this property was in the hands of the Facha and Lopes families. The house was originally constructed before the Civil War. Theodora and Frank R. Facha (also spelled Fasha) were living here in 1918. Frances Facha (±1863-1939), who was born on Pico in the Azores, lived here. Her daughter, Mary R. Facha, married Manuel Lopes, who had come to Provincetown from Olhao, Portugal. They married at St. Peter’s Church in 1914. Lopes spent 60 years as a fisherman, then operated the Cape End Laundry. Their son, Maurice, also lived here. It is now a five-unit condominium.

¶ Last updated on 28 October 2012.

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