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Malicoat compound | Former main residence.

The east and west lot lines of this property, if extended to the Atlantic, would embrace the only privately-owned dune shack in the Cape Cod National Seashore. That’s because the property once did extend to the dune shack. Imagine: a house on Bradford Street with a back yard on the ocean! Both the shack and this family compound belong to the Malicoat clan, art-colony aristocracy, many of whom have lived or summered here. They include Florence (Bradshaw) Brown (±1870-1957); her daughter, the graphic artist Barbara Haven (Brown) Malicoat, who illustrated the Walking Tour booklets; her husband, the painter Philip Cecil Malicoat (1908-1981), who studied with Charles W. Hawthorne and Henry Hensche, formed a triumvirate with Bruce McKain and George Yater, and bought this property.

Their son Conrad Malicoat (1936-2014), was a sculptor whose signature work was flowing brick chimneys and walls. He married Anne Lord (b 1938). Their daughters are Robena Malicoat, an artist who continues to use her grandfather Philip’s studio; Galen Malicoat;  and Bronwyn Malicoat, who lives at 310 Bradford Street. Conrad’s sister, Martha (Malicoat) Dunigan (±1934-2001); her husband, the musician Philip Dunigan; and their daughters, Orin Barbara Dunigan, the artist Breon Dunigan and the violist Seanad (Dunigan) Chang have also used the compound.

Philip and Barbara Malicoat acquired much of this enormous parcel in 1945 from Dorothy Wall (Smith) Hammett, the wife of Frederick S. Hammett. It remains in family hands.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

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