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(May 2008.)

Underneath that gambrel roof with shed dormers are the bones of a plain gabled house dating to the 19th century. This was the property of Manuel Prada — also known as Manuel Prada Sants — and of his estate. It was conferred in 1928 for $500 to Prada’s daughter, Mary P. Cabral, and her husband, Manuel Cabral. Mrs. Cabral took sole ownership in 1969. The property then passed in 1975, for $1, to Mrs. Cabral’s daughter Barbara Cabral Oppen and her husband, Richard Oppen. Their daughter, Bonnie Oppen [the Bonnie of Bonnie Doone?], moved into the house in 1978 with her husband, Joel Vizard. From the 1930s at least through the mid-’60s, Cabral’s Market operated in a building next door. It is no longer standing.

¶ Last updated on 13 July 2016.

Richard Vizard wrote on 17 December 2013: Cabral’s Market was directly to the left of 34 Bradford (in the yard between 34 Bradford and 32 Bradford). 34 Bradford was always a standalone house. My great-grandparents, Mary and Manny Cabral, lived at 34 Bradford, along with my grandmother, Barbara Cabral Oppen. After my great-grandmother’s passing, my parents (Bonnie Oppen and Joel Vizard) moved into the house in 1978. My great-grandparents, Mary and Manny Cabral, acquired 34 Bradford from my great-grandmother Mary’s father, Manuel Prada.

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