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No. 343 is the second of what were once seven contiguous lots forming a large triangular parcel that was owned by Helen L. (Saint-Amand) Vitelli, who lived at 496 Commercial Street with her husband, James Vitelli, in the early 1950s. The property was bequeathed to the Animal Rescue League of Boston by Martha J. Atkins (±1864-1952), of 214 Commercial Street, who was “passionately concerned with kindness to animals and was ever in the forefront in movements to prevent cruelty,” The Advocate said at the time of her death. Six of the seven parcels, including this one, were conveyed by the league in 1960 to J. Kenneth Berry of Walpole, who owned an abutting parcel at 646 Commercial Street. Dana Berry sold this lot in 2010 to David K. Mattila.

¶ Last updated on 18 December 2016.

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