Alden 035A

(October 2014)

The brothers Peter J. Macara (b 1950), pictured here with Barbara Rushmore, and Richard M. “Ricky” Macara (b 1953) — nephews of Joseph E. Macara, the founder of Land’s End Marine Supply — share this property. Richard owns the main house, which dates from around 1850, and Peter owns the garage-cottage in the rear. The garage was constructed by George P. Hann (b ±1935), who used it for his repair shop, George’s TV Service, which operated in the 1960s. Peter is the artist responsible for the 48-foot-long panorama mural at Land’s End, 337 Commercial Street. Ricky was the founder in 1983 of the Mercedes Cab Company, a fleet composed entirely of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The artist Polly Burnell also made her home here for a time.

¶ Last updated 28 October 2012.

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