Bradford 004 by Dan Squire Owner


4 Bradford Street Condominium.

Members of the Kacergis family could keep an eye on their Provincetown Welding Works by peering from the windows of the house at 4 Bradford Street, built in 1875 in Italianate-Second Empire style. It was acquired by Clarence Kacergis (b 1916) and his wife, Matilda A. “Tillie” Kacergis (d 2005), in 1964. Mrs. Kacergis was the daughter of Anton and Mary Jackett, née Mayo. The Kacergises also operated Tillie’s Cottages.  The Second Empire part of the house was rebuilt after a fire in 1920, the Provincetown Historic Survey says, and the wrought-iron gates and lamppost were fabricated by Clarence Kacergis. In 2014, Kenneth S. Johnson of Melrose, Mass., created the 4 Bradford Street Condominium, which has three units.

¶ Last updated on 6 July 2016. ¶ Image by and courtesy of Dan Squire.

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