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Edwin Reeves Euler Building.

Constructed in 1923 by the family of Frank Days Sr., owners of the lumberyard on Pearl Street where the Fine Arts Work Center evolved, 4 Brewster has been used ever since as housing and studio space for artists like Jim Forsberg (1919-1991), Ross Moffett (1888-1971), Seong Moy (1921-2013), Jim Peters, Myron Stout (1908-1987), and George Yater (1910-1993). The artist Edwin Reeves Euler (1896-1982) bought it in 1945 and, with Frances Euler, operated it as Euler Studios. After Euler died, his niece, Lynn Olsen, and her husband, Ben Olsen, continued to run it as artists’ housing. The Fine Arts Work Center acquired it in 1997 for the purpose of preserving affordable units. There are eight apartments in what is now called the Edwin Reeves Euler Building.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).


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