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(August 2009.)

Ptown Bikes.

The house was built in the mid- to late 1800s. Antone Jackett, a fisherman, lived here with his wife, Mary Mayo (Janard) Jackett, and their children, including Antoinette (Jackett) Gaspie. Antoinette’s grandson Joseph Trovato III said in a comment that Antone sold the house some time around 1932, shortly after Mary died, in the house, of cancer. It was purchased in the 1960s by Philip F. Cabral, said Susan Cabral in a comment. Philip and his wife, Elaine, lived here with their children until they bought 22 Franklin Street. They converted this into Cabral’s Market, which had previously been at 34 Bradford Street, when it was run by Manuel Cabral.

¶ Last updated on 18 May 2013.

Joseph Trovato III wrote on 4 February 2013: This was the home of Antone Jackett and his wife, Mary Mayo Janard Jackett, and their children. They sold the house around 1932, shortly after the death of Mary from cancer. She died in that house. Their daughter, Antoinette Jackett Gaspie, was my grandmother. My great-grandfather, Antone, was a fisherman.

Susan Cabral wrote on 18 May 2013: Philip F. Cabral bought this house in the early 1960s, where he lived with his wife Elaine and their children until they bought the house on 22 Franklin Street. They then turned 42 Bradford Street into Cabral’s Market, previously located at 40 Bradford Street. [I believe the previous address was No. 34.]

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