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(April 2014.)

Three discrete properties off Bradford — including what must be the oldest continuous family-owned home in Provincetown — carry the number 48. This the house that actually faces the street. It was owned from 1955 through 1987 by John R. Blizzard, originally of Tucson, who was the longtime chef at the Bonnie Doone Restaurant nearby, and from 1955 to 1973, also by his wife, Dorothea Blizzard, who worked at the Provincetown Inn. Leon R. Roy and Paul S. Cornello of South Windsor, Conn., purchased it in 2014.

¶ Last updated on 16 July 2016.


2 thoughts on “48½ Bradford Street

  1. I noticed that you have old and current pictures of the Bradford Elementary School and the now Community Center. You also have a very recent picture of 48A Bradford St. The previous house was torn down and a new 3 Unit Townhouse building has just been built. I own 48 1/2 Bradford St and I have done extensive renovations. It would be wonderful to see the newly renovated home as well. Love the pictures. They’re just incredible. Thank you for doing this.

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