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(September 2011.)

Race Run Condominium.

No. 53, a one-story building, is the commercial side of the four-unit Race Run condo at 19 Central Street. It was once the Race Run Sporting Center, operated by Joseph Smith and his wife, Marilyn. “It served as a combination bike shop and bait shop, with an assortment of odds and ends thrown in for good measure,” Susan Leonard told me. “You could rent a bike, fix a flat, buy a hook and the bait to put on it, as well as get advice on where the bass and blues were running on any given day.” In more recent times, this was ArtStrand, before that gallery moved to the old Eastern School at 494-494 Commercial. In 2005, Jay Critchley filled the large windows with sand, making it appear from the outside as if the entire building had been inundated. Beige, as it was called, followed the theme set by Critchley’s earlier Just Visiting for the Weekend at MacMillan Wharf. From 2011 [?] to 2014, this was the ArtCurrent gallery, run by Tina M. Trudel and Dorothy Palanza. It was also briefly the office of Provincetown Woodworks and Construction. The condo was created in 1998 by William F. Smith. Michael Casey of New York currently owns this unit.

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  1. Just after Joseph Smith sold the building to Michael Casey, and I helped Michael change the use and layout, it was my art studio in the back portion. The front was a gift shop run by Jan Worthington, whose well-known aunt many years ago created clothing out of old blue-dyed fish nets.

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