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(October 2009.)

Brass Key Guesthouse.

The deluxe Brass Key Guesthouse has grown by accretion into a large compound. Its principal address is 67 Bradford, but its most significant buildings face Carver and Court Streets, where they will be found on the Building Provincetown 2020 website. The expansion of the property was the work of Michael MacIntyre and his husband, Bob Anderson, who died in 2004. They also refurbished Lands End Inn, 22 Commercial Street. Thomas Walter, Kenneth Masi, and David Sanford, the owners of Crowne Pointe, acquired the property in 2007. It includes: the Carriage House, on Bradford (pictured here at Halloween); the Gatehouse, 12 Carver Street; the Victorian, 10 Carver Street; the Queen Anne, 8 Carver Street; and the Captain’s House, 9 Court Street.

¶ Last updated on 23 July 2016.

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