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(August 2008.)

Coastal Acres Camping Court.

“In the Shelter of Cape Cod’s Sandy Arm — Your Port o’ Call.” The motto of the Coastal Acres Camping Court has the pleasingly anachronistic ring of a place that’s endured the changing fashions of Cape-end vacation styles. It was developed by Capt. Manny Phillips, a towering figure of the fishery. His purse seiner, Silver Mink, brought in a record 250,000 pounds of tuna one day in 1959. Captain Phillips opened the 15-acre campsite in 1967 and sold Silver Mink. His son-in-law, Richard Perry, took over Coastal Acres, which is still family-run. Open-space advocates say the property, now more than 23 acres, is the largest undeveloped parcel in town. — From Building Provincetown (2015).

Update 15 October 2015: Jamie Veara, speaking for the trust that owns the Coastal Acres campground, told The Banner that the property was under contract. The transaction involved two parcels on a 22-plus-acre site, which had been listed at $4.5 million.

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