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Braaten-Schuster Shack | Dune Shack 15.

The naturalist C. Lawrence Schuster may be the lone year-round human resident of the dunes. His shack was built and first used by the coast guardsmen John Cook and Joseph Medeiros. It was acquired in 1934 by Eunice Eddy Braaten, a relation of Mary Baker Eddy, and her husband Theodore. Their son, David, was a feature writer at The Washington Star. The Navy leased the shack on the eve of World War II and refitted it for support of the submarine service. Schuster began using it in the early 1980s and remains here under a special use permit. The crest of the roof used to be crowned by an old Adirondack chair. Could there have been a more perfect visual expression of the dune shack life?

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

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