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Malicoat Shack | Dune Shack 6.

The only privately-owned shack in the district aligns with the Malicoat family’s property at 312-320 Bradford, tracing a “great lot” that once ran from town to ocean. The artist Philip Malicoat built his first shack in 1948 or 1949 on what he believed, by extension of the “great lot,” to be his land. The shack burned down in the ’50s. Before rebuilding, Malicoat discovered in a survey that the first shack had stood outside his property lines. He took care to situate the second properly. The cottage passed to the sculptor Conrad Malicoat, and his wife, the artist and ceramist Anne Lord. The family still uses the cottage and welcomes new Fine Arts Work Center fellows here. The Malicoats staved off condemnation for the National Seashore in part because “they provided a legal deed that held up in court,” said Bill Burke, a Seashore official.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

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