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Herring Cove Beach | North parking lot.

For unhappy reasons, the north parking lot became the focus of attention of The New York Times on 6 July 2016. “The majority of the nation’s coasts are retreating, said Rob Thieler, a coastal geologist for the United States Geological Survey who is based in Woods Hole, Mass., and Cape Cod is home to vexing areas of erosion like Herring Cove. It is difficult, Mr. Thieler said, to know whether individual problems with coastal erosion result from sea-level rise due to climate change, natural environmental fluctuations or a series of damaging storms over the last few years, but this much is known: ‘Given the forecast of future sea level rise over the next century and beyond, every problem that we have along the coast right now will only increase,’ Mr. Thieler said. ‘That, I think, ties back to why managed retreat, in places where you can employ it, is a good option.'” The plan at Herring Cove, The Times reported, was to “demolish the parking lot and construct a new one 125 feet behind it, allowing for a restored shoreline in front of it.”

¶ Last updated on 7 February 2017.


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