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Measured mile, center targets.

This view of the state highway along what was then New Beach shows what looks to be the coastal half of the central pair of target towers, which mariners could use to gauge either one nautical mile or one-and-a-half nautical miles. A fuller discussion is at Measured mile, north targets.

The brutal storms of January 2018 all but leveled dunes at the southern end of Herring Cove, opening a breach in the beachfront and revealing the long-lost footings of the outermost Measured mile, south targets. Their runic quality instantly took hold of the popular imagination. Jay Critchley transformed the three ragged concrete stubs into an environmental artwork called Shrouded Rainbow.

¶ Last updated on 10 September 2018. ¶ Image courtesy of the Provincetown History Preservation Project, Dowd Collection, Page 4640. (Scrapbooks of Althea Boxell, Book 10, Page 95.)

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