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Eldridge (or John) Nickerson house [Long Point Settlement No. 45].

Eldridge Nickerson was credited by Irving S. Rogers of The Advocate with having built the first set of salt works on Long Point, stretching about 3,000 feet. “Others were soon built,” Rogers wrote in his Puffs and Pot Shots column of 17 April 1941, “and at one time there were six mills for pumping water for about 8,000 feet of salt works, with an annual output of between 500 and 600 hogshead of extra quality salt.” His house once stood at 214 Commercial, but was demolished. In its place now stands the Art House.

¶ Last updated on 13 February 2017. ¶ Image from Bird’s Eye View of the Town of Provincetown (1882), by A. F. Poole, courtesy of the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House.


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