CCNS-PL Airport Terminal I.jpg


Provincetown Municipal Airport | Passenger terminal I | Michael A. Leger Memorial Sightseeing Shack.

Unless I’m mistaken, the modest shack that now serves sightseeing flights was the original passenger terminal. I draw that conclusion from a slide show by John C. Van Arsdale Sr. in the 1980s that survives as a video, made available by Provincetown Community TV through Vimeo (4983497). Though of poor quality after multiple reproductions, these are unique glances of the airport in its early decades, the story told by the man who shaped the place. The photo here is of the building Van Arsdale identified as the original terminal. It looks like the current sightseeing shack, at least in this fuzzy version. Michael A. Leger was a chairman of the municipal Airport Commission. In recent years, the sightseeing service has been offered by Russ Kimball and Roger Putnam, through Race Point Aviation.

¶ Last updated on 26 February 2017. ¶ Image courtesy of the Provincetown History Preservation Project, Moving Picture & Oral History Collection, Page 4342. (Provincetown-Boston Airlines, Slide Show of the Early Years, by John C. Van Arsdale.)

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