CCNS-PL Airport Aircraft Stinson U.jpg


Provincetown Landing Field | Stinson U.

This ungainly looking beast, a tri-motor airliner with room for 10 passengers, was the first airplane in scheduled revenue service between Provincetown and Boston, beginning in 1936. It bore the livery of the short-lived Mayflower Airlines, headed by Lieut. Parker W. Gray. (Although that lightning-rod cheat line may be left over from American Airlines.) The Stinson U was powered by Lycoming engines. Interestingly enough, Lycoming engines will power the future workhorse of the Cape Air fleet, the Tecnam P2012 Traveller. The photo was taken in 1936 by Stephen E. Sherman’s father — a teenage aviation enthusiast, armed with a Brownie — at the East Boston airport, now Logan International.

¶ Last updated on 13 March 2017. ¶ Image courtesy of acepilots.com; pending permission.

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