CCNS-PL Airport Aircraft Tecnam P2012.jpg


Provincetown Municipal Airport | Tecnam P2012 Traveller.

A high-wing, 11-seat passenger plane with Lycoming engines? That could describe the very first commercial aircraft to serve Provincetown in regularly scheduled service (the Stinson U), or the Tecnam Traveller, which is expected to become the staple of Cape Air’s fleet sometime after 2018. It is being built in Italy by Costruzione Aeronautiche Tecnam. Daniel A. Wolf, the head of Cape Air, was the first outside pilot to fly the plane, in November 2016. The Traveller is 40 feet long, with a 46-foot wingspan. It weights 4,960 pounds and can carry a load of 2,976 pounds. Each of its engines are 375 horsepower.

¶ Last updated on 13 March 2017. ¶ Image courtesy of tecnam.com.

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