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Bound E.

The irregular border between town and common lands was marked at 15 intervals by granite markers, or bounds. Some can still be seen, incised with the legend “STAT. 1893 CHAP. 470” (Statutes of 1893, Chapter 470) on one side and “P. L.” (Province Lands) on the other, together with a letter designation. Bound E was placed 913 feet to the northwest-by-north of Bound D. The spot seems almost certainly to be under the waters of Clapps Pond today.

¶ Last updated on 24 February 2017. ¶ Image from Map Showing the Bounds of the Province Lands of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as Fixed and Marked by the Board of Harbor and Land Commissioners of Said Commonwealth, Under Chapter 470 of the Acts of 1893 (1893), courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.

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