Cleveland 00


No tax lots are mapped with a Cleveland Street address. Nonetheless, it’s not a “paper” street. It physically exists, though a passerby would be forgiven for thinking it was nothing more than an alleyway between the Holiday Shoreline Condominium and the Beach Point Club. (Then again, how many alleyways end in panoramic harbor views?) The namesake is not the city in Ohio but President Grover Cleveland. This street was to have been part of the 100-acre East Harbor Beach community, proposed in 1915 by Harley F. Williamson of Springfield and laid out by the Steele Brothers engineering firm of West Springfield. Williamson named six streets after contemporary or recent chief executives. Cleveland Street, Roosevelt Street (Theodore), and Garfield Street (James) still exist. McKinley Street (William), Taft Street (William), and Wilson Street (Woodrow) never did.

¶ Last updated on 29 March 2018.

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