2020 Commercial 001Provincetown Inn (Landfill expansion).

In 1954, Chester G. Peck Jr. had the audacity to propose a four-acre landfill offshore from the Provincetown Inn. Four acres! Imagine the Environmental Impact Statement if he had come along 30 years later. There was opposition, all right, but not along present-day environmentalist lines. Selectman Frank D. Henderson objected to the landfill as a private taking; depriving the public of the ability to sail over the four acres at high tide or walk through the area in low tide. Ralph S. Carpenter, the proprietor of Delft Haven and creator of the First Landing Place Plaza, objected that the landfill would block views from his cottages, change the topography of the beach, and possibly undermine the plaza. But Peck eventually prevailed, and the creation of this new peninsula began in 1957. It is where the enormous parking lot, a one-story motel extension and the Pilgrim-hat pool were eventually built. The motel bears a certain resemblance to a Pilgrim hat from the air. Its three sides are designated the Breakwater Rooms, the Cape Tip Rooms, and the Harborside Rooms.

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Also at 1 Commercial Street:

Provincetown Inn overview

The original inn

The original hotel

Breakwater wing

Recreation plaza

Thumbnail image: Photo, 2010, by David W. Dunlap.

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