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105 Commercial Street Condominium.

J. & L. N. Paine’s Wharf extended from a waterfront parcel in front of the home of Capt. Lysander N. Paine (1831-1918), at 96 Commercial Street. Though the wharf and the Paines’ maritime business had all but disappeared by the 1910s, the property remained in the family’s hands for several generations, until 1981, when Paine’s great-great-grandson — Edward Vannevar “Ted” Bush (1944-2009) — sold it to Peter Lerta, Frank McKenna, and Jack Seidner, along with the house. Seidner sold the parcel in 1986 to Bernard S. and Marjorie Phillips. Two years later, they constructed this 1,800-square foot, two-unit house, and established the 105 Commercial Street condo. The current owners are from Boston and Manhattan. Given Bush’s maritime heritage and his Mayflower lineage, it seems fitting that he was an avid sailor. In fact, he died at sea, while sailing in the Monhegan Race off the Maine coast, on 8 August 2009, just two weeks shy of his 65th birthday,

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