Central 11


Hubbard House Condominium.

When Meg Stewart and Maureen Wilson converted 11 Central into a condo in 2008, they gave it the name Hubbard, recognizing the occupants whose family had been associated with the property since 1918. That was when Joseph Silva Boia (1886-1969), a fish handler, and his wife, Cora (Taves) Boia (1888-1976), purchased the property from Deborah P. Smith. The property was transferred in 1988 to the Boia’s daughter Francelena Hubbard (1909-2000) and her husband, George Irving Hubbard (1918-2006). Until moving to Provincetown full time in 1997, Hubbard had been the manager of Mariners House in the North End of Boston, which provides lodging, food, and guidance to professional mariners. The condo’s three units include a freestanding garage.

¶ Last updated on 26 March 2018.


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