2020 Commercial 125-03John J. Duarte Shoe Shop.

Between the departure of Joshua Paine’s lumber yard and the arrival of the Cape Cod Cold Storage plant, John Joseph Duarte (1863-1918) conducted a shoemaking and shoe repair business on the site, possibly in what had been the front office for the lumber yard. (Could that be him peeking out the window in the thumbnail image?) Born on São Jorge in the Azores, Duarte moved to Provincetown in the early 1890s. He had a wife, Caroline, and a son. Duarte was forced to move the shop from this site a number of years before his death, at 55, of tuberculosis. “He worked indefatigably and well nigh to the last hour of his life at his bench,” The Advocate said.

2020 Commercial 125-03A 1900 photograph looking east from the Turn shows John J. Duarte’s Shoe Shop on the right. From the Scrapbooks of Althea Boxell, Book 1, Page 3, on the Provincetown History Preservation Project (Dowd Collection), Page 11.

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125 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Thumbnail image: Photo, circa 1900, by John R. Smith, from the Scrapbooks of Althea of Boxell, Book 2, Page 5, on the Provincetown History Preservation Project (Dowd Collection), Page 1134.

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