2020 Commercial 135ALittle Darling Cottage | Satori Condominium (Unit D) | Former Josette’s Beauty Salon.

The sweet 12-by-18-foot cottage perched incongruously in the front yard of 135 Commercial Street was erected or moved to this site sometime in the 1930s. Josephine F. “Josette” (Silva) Enos opened Josette’s Beauty Salon here in 1939, offering “machineless” permanent waves for $3 (about $50 today) — freeing women from being held hostage for hours by a hideous tentacular heating device that looked like something out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Enos moved the business down the street a few doors to 146 Commercial Street in 1942 and was still going strong in the 1960s, when she served as treasurer of the Cape Cod Unit of Cosmetologists. Her husband, Alfred R. Enos, was the proprietor in the 1960s of Al’s Fish Market, 141 Commercial Street. They lived at 146 Commercial Street. The cottage was part of the sale in 1999 to Mindy F. Baransky, who established the four-unit Satori condo in 2003. This is Unit D, and it’s currently owned by a married couple from Manhattan.

2020 Commercial 135AJosephine “Josette” (Silva) Enos promised her customers freedom from the tyranny of the permanent-wave machine in Advocate ads on 28 September 1938 (left) and 1 May 1941 (right).

2020 Commercial 135AUnit D of the Satori Condominium was originally known as 135A Commercial Street. David W. Dunlap (2016).

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135-135A Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Also at 135-135A Commercial Street:

Satori Condominium (Units A, B, and C).

Thumbnail image: Photo, 2009, by David W. Dunlap.

Denise Avallon wrote on 2 July 2013: This could have been a shoe shop built in 1931. “Joseph Roderick of School Street is having a shoe repair shop built for him in Joseph Amber’s yard” — Advocate, Feb. 12, 1931. The 1905 atlas lists Mr. Amber at 133 and 135 Commmercial Street. The Sanborn maps verify this little building appearing after 1929.

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