2020 Commercial 139 Residence at 137ADwelling | 137A Commercial Street.

Many structural ghosts inhabit the waterfront property that belonged in turn to the Costas, Arestas, Carreiros, and now Jay C. Anderson of Los Angeles. One of them is that of a modest, two-story house that was standing in the 1880s and did not disappear until some time between 1919 and 1929, to judge from the Sanborn insurance maps. It was assigned the address 137A Commercial but its footprint fell within what is now the 139 Commercial Street tax lot, indicated with a light-red tone on the inset map. The house stood roughly where Anderson constructed a three-story dwelling in 2004.

¶ Last updated on 6 February 2019.

139 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Also at 139 Commercial Street:

RE/MAX Long Point | Building 1.

Building 2.

Building 3.

Studio | 139½ Commercial Street.

Cabral’s Fish House.

Smith’s Wharf.

Thumbnail image: Detail of Plate 48 in the 1910 atlas of Barnstable County, in the collection of Ken Janson and Robert Vetrick. I added the tone to demarcate the current 139 Commercial Street tax lot, and I brightened 137A Commercial Street to increase its visibility.


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