2020 Commercial 143 2018-10Tagaris-Shergold house.

It looks at a quick glimpse as if the ghost has risen of the Snow family homestead, which was torn down in 2001. Especially noteworthy is the two-story bay that once distinguished the building. But a second glimpse discloses that the “ghost” has put on some height: a half story on the third level in place of the old windowless attic. Nevertheless, George N. Tagaris and Ryan Shergold, the owners, said it was their intention “to recreate the historic home that once stood at 143 Commercial Street.”

Tagaris is a partner in Phoenix Design and Development of Boston, which has renovated and redeveloped brownstones and Victorian-era houses in the South End and Jamaica Plain. Shergold, an actor and singer, was also involved in the exterior and interior design of the four buildings that compose the double lot at No. 141 and No. 143, which Tagaris purchased in 2013 from Christopher J. Snow, the longtime owner.

2020 Commercial 143 2018-05 & 2018-08The foundation of the new 143 Commercial Street had been poured by May 2018. Three months later, the framing of the first floor was under way.

2020 Commercial 143 2018-10Two months after that, in October 2018, the house neared completion. Photos by David W. Dunlap.

Dan Webb of Webb Structural Services in Reading was the structural engineer. Because of concerns about the proposed structure’s height and massing, it took the Zoning Board of Appeals five meetings in 2015 to reach a consensus, and not until Tagaris presented a “slightly reduced” plan. Even then, the decision was not unanimous. The board voted 4-to-1 to permit the new house to exceed applicable scale regulations, saying it “found that the new structure would be of a pleasing design and would be harmonious with the architecture of the neighborhood and the town. It would be built to look like the structure that had existed there prior to its demolition.”¹

Once construction began in 2018, the project proceeded quickly.

¶ Last updated on 31 March 2019.

143 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

Also at 143 Commercial Street:

Snow house | “Outermost Alms Museum”

Snow cottages.

Tagaris-Shergold cottage.

Thumbnail image: Photo, 2018, courtesy of George N. Tagaris.

¹ Findings and Decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals, 3 September 2015, Barnstable County Registry of Deeds, Book 29173, Page 225.

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