2020 Commercial 146 01West End Antiques Condominium (Units 1, 3, and 4).

Until 1931, the building was anchored firmly in the old Yankee precinct, as the property of James Collins Nickerson Paine (1818-1905); his wife, Phebe A. (Cook) Paine (1836-1923); and, by bequest, their daughter, Louise C. Paine (1860-1951). Louise sold 146 Commercial Street in 1931 to Victor Joseph Souza (1876-1942) and his wife, Mary Annuncion (Medeiros) Souza (1880-1967).

Chief Boatswain’s Mate Joseph Almeida White (1903-1968) of the Coast Guard was living here in 1939 — with his wife, Philomena May (Souza) White (1906-1988) — when he was appointed the commander of the Wood End Life-Saving Station. He had begun his Coast Guard career at the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station in Chatham, but did not live long enough to see his original post being barged to his home town in 1977.

Four years after her husband’s death, in 1946, Mary Souza transferred the property to Elmer Joseph Souza (1924-1989) and Joseph E. Souza (1919-1972). They sold the building in 1957 to Josephine F. “Josette” (Silva) Enos and her husband, Alfred R. Enos.

2020 Commercial 146 03146 Commercial Street in 2008. David W. Dunlap.

Phyllis Schlosberg bought this property from the Enoses in 1969 and owned it until 1976, when she sold it to William J. Roberts III and Alan J. Wagg. They sold it two years later to Joseph P. Bonanno and Frank P. Cioffi, who sold it in 1979 to Evelyn M. Simon.

In 1993, she sold this property to William L. Fitzpatrick and Russell F. Dwyer, who ran West End Antiques. They converted the property in 2005 to the four-unit West End Antiques Condominium. The residential units were designated 1, 3, and 4.

The commercial space has been owned since 2016 by Robert T. “Tommy” Chambers Jr. of West Hollywood, a noted interior designer in Los Angeles. Chambers and his husband, Todd D. Kusy, now own three of the four units in the West End Antiques condo.

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146 Commercial Street on the Town Map.

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Thumbnail image: Photo, 2008, by David W. Dunlap


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