2020 Commercial 015 Perspective Corrected


Red Inn (Malicoat fireplace).

The Red Inn has one of the great sculptural fireplaces, chimneys, and brick walls designed and executed by Conrad Malicoat (1936-2014). Others are at 36 Commercial Street (private home), 64 Commercial Street (private home, but the breaching-whale chimney stack can be admired from Atkins Lane), 621 Commercial Street (private home), 641 Commercial Street (private home), 649 Commercial Street (private home), 7 Freeman Street (Napi’s Restaurant), 38 Nelson Avenue (private home), 5 Pearl Street (threshhold), and 8 Pearl Street (private home).

For an overview of the Red Inn, please see 15 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 29 April 2018.


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