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Carrie A. Seaman (1905-1989).

Perhaps no one in town is more closely linked to the issue of animal welfare than the namesake of CASAS – the Carrie A. Seaman Animal Shelter at 5 Sandy Hill Lane, which perpetuates her humanitarian work as one of the founders of the Provincetown Animal Shelter in 1971. Carilia “Carrie” A. (Storlazzi) Seaman was a fascinating figure in her own right, not least because she was a lawyer at a time when few women were in the profession. She was born in Boston to Pasqualino Storlazzi and Evelina Galdi. In her early 20s, she was practicing law in Malden. In 1939, she was named to the Massachusetts Board of Review as an examiner in the division of employment security, a post she was to hold for 23 years. Her husband, Joseph H. Seaman (1894-1973), was also a lawyer. In 1951, the Seamans purchased the Town Crier Shop, 265 Commericial Street, which they ran until 1966. As the landlady of 361 Commercial Street, Seaman learned the hard way about the perils of having Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) as a tenant. In her absence one day, Divine auctioned off the furnishings from the apartment he was renting from her and pocketed the proceeds. In later years, Seaman lived at 6 Central Street. CASAS operated out of 334 Commercial Street until 2007, when the Zoning Board of Appeals granted a special permit to allow the operation of an animal shelter in the residential district of Sandy Lane.

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Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key A-93, Page 27.

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