Cemetery 24 Swarez


Joseph Swarez [Fisher] 1841-1910.

Unlike their “neighboring” Atlantic archipelagos, the Azores and Cape Verde, the Canary Islands sent few immigrants to Provincetown. Canarians tended to emigrate to the Spanish-speaking Americas. One who came to Cape Cod was Joseph Swarez, from the island of Gran Canaria. I am frankly unsure of the meaning of the bracketed “[Fisher]” on the monument, but assume he might have taken on an English name. He married Mary S. Atkins (1852-1915). As the monument shows, he was a Mason.

¶ Last updated on 15 July 2018.

David Lothrop Mayo wrote on 15 July 2018: The Swarez/Fisher family gave space in their plot to Elizabeth Atkins Mayo when her husband, Alfred, was lost at sea. My “uncle” Alfred Atkins Mayo gave great lot No. 5 (610/617 Commercial Street – 294 Bradford Street) to my parents, Herbert Franklin Mayo and Margaret Mayo, as a wedding gift. He is buried there with his mother and father. My son is Joshua Atkins Mayo, my grandson Rowan Atkins Kamman.

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