Cemetery 24 Vorse


Heaton White Vorse (1901-1990).

Born among hell-raisers, and an energetic adolescent during the Summer of 1916, Heaton Vorse did some hell-raising of his own over a peripatetic and perfectly eccentric Provincetown life. He was the son of the great writer and labor reporter Mary Heaton Vorse (1882-1966) and her first husband, Albert Vorse. Among those to whom he was exposed as a boy were Eugene O’Neill, John Reed, and Harry Kemp. He acted as a “leg man” for his mother, getting into all-male union halls where she might have been unwelcome, or at least conspicuous. Disappointed as a fiction writer, he turned to newspaper writing, and produced a weekly column called “South Wind.” He and his half-brother, Joel Heaton O’Brien (1914-1991), lived in their mother’s house, 466 Commercial Street, and are buried together with her. Helen Cort Fernald (1920-1991) — described on her tombstone as “Heaton’s Great Friend” — is also buried here.

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