Cemetery 25 Lavender AllenAllen Lavender (1804-1860) | Gifford.

The beautiful name of Lavender is threaded through Provincetown history, thanks principally to three brothers who came here from Liverpool, Nova Scotia: Allen, the oldest; Capt. John R. Lavender (1823-1870), who is buried in Haiti, where he died; and Capt. Joseph A. Lavender (1825-1870). Allen and his wife, Katie Lavender (±1808-1884), are memorialized by a sweet double headstone. [Lot No. 187.]

¶ Last updated on 24 January 2018.

Provincetown’s Historic Cemeteries and Memorials, Key G-28, Page 8.

Find a Grave Memorials Nos. 31596015 (Allen) and 31595921 (Katie).

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