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Westwinds Condominium (Units 1-3).

Until 2001, this compound — which reached both sides of a lovely, remote stretch of Point Street — was Westwinds on Gull Hill, run by Roger Hanzes. He and Lloyd B. Salt II (1949-1993) purchased the 28 Commercial Street-21 Point Street lot in 1983.

The history of the property can be traced clearly back to 1862, when Joshua Paine conveyed it to Capt. Walter Russell Abbot (1838-1867). At the age of 29, Captain Abbot was lost at sea. The property passed to his widow, Achsah Small (Snow) Abbott (1836-1898), and in time to their only child, Rosetta Russell “Etta” Abbott (1863-1951), who spelled her surname with an extra “t.” From Etta’s estate, the property passed into the hands of Marjorie A. Adams, who sold it to Eleanor Juanita Dalton in 1953. When the Dalton family owned the property, it was known as Windbreak.

Hanzes and Salt paid $275,000 to buy the property from Dalton’s estate. Salt died in 1993. After 18 years as an innkeeper, Hanzes closed the Westwinds on Gull Hill in 2001 and, in 2002, created the Westwinds Condominium. It embraces three units in the main house, a cottage at 28 Commercial that is now designated 16 Point Street, and a new dwelling on previously vacant land at 24 Point Street. All five units are owned by out-of-towners. Hanzes still owns 21 Point Street and the nearby garage at 27 Point Street.

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