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Number Three Carnes Lane Condominium (Unit 1).

For many years, members of the prominent Motta family lived at 3 Carnes Lane. Manuel V. Motta (±1870-1943), who had been born in São Miguel in the Azores, was a fisherman and worked at Vita Fisheries. His children were Manuel V. Motta, who also lived at No. 3 and operated the trap boat Eleanor; Frank, whose son — the town’s first Korean War casualty — was the namesake of Motta Field; and Francelina (Motta) Souza. The property was sold in 1975 by the estate of Mary R. Motta to Anthony W. and Jean S. Leonard. They sold the property in 1987 to Luis E. Vargas, who created the condo the next year.

¶ Last updated on 30 April 2017. ¶ Image courtesy of the Town Assessor, Key 1038.

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