2020 Commercial 030


Former Jack and Rachel Tworkov home.

This was the summer home and studio of Jack Tworkov (1900-1982), whom The New York Times called “one of the most respected artists of the New York School.” Tworkov emigrated from Poland in 1913, worked with John Dos Passos in the ’30s, and took up Abstract Expressionism in the ’40s. He bought this house in 1958 and added a studio.

For a view of the studio, please see 30 Commercial Street.

Tworkov’s students included Jennifer Bartlett, Jonathan Borofsky, and Richard Serra. He died in 1982 and is buried in the Town Cemetery with his wife, Rachel (Wolodofsky) Tworkov (1916-1991); not far from Stanley and Elise Kunitz, who were neighbors on this side as well. In fact, both families lived in houses that had once been owned by Ursula M. Maine (1873-1961). This house was built around 1850, according to the Provincetown Historic Survey. Maine, who lived next door, at 32 Commercial Street, purchased this property in 1909. The Advocate reported in 1931 that the two bungalows were known as the Ursula Cottage and the Maine Cottage. This was the rental property — I’m surmising it was the one known as Maine — and it was here that Lawrence and Helene Richmond of Great Neck, N.Y., spent time before buying 40 Commercial Street in 1945. The Tworkovs purchased it from Maine in 1958. It’s been owned since 1990 by Colin and Susan Gracey of Brookline, who bought the property from Rachel Tworkov.

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Lauren Richmond wrote on 15 November 2009: This house along with 32 Commercial Street were both once owned (before Tworkov and Kunitz) by Ursula Maine. The story I heard from my parents was that she had been a “madame” in Boston but came to Provincetown to change her ways, and ran a reputable rooming house. She lived at 32 and rented out 30 Commercial. My parents stayed in the studio at 30 Commercial for several summer visits before buying their house at 40 Commercial.

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