2020 Commercial 031-041 (37 Valerie Ciluzzi)


Masthead Resort and Cottages | Ciluzzi residence.

John J. Ciluzzi (1923-2017) ran the Masthead for 58 years; with his first wife, Dorothy, and then — since 1972 — with his second wife, Valerie (pictured here). Ciluzzi was born in New York City but spent a lot of his youth in his family’s native Italy. During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division in Italy. He worked for the Ford Motor Company in New York after the war before buying the Masthead in 1959. Valerie had worked with the Provincetown-Boston Airline before marrying Ciluzzi. The couple lived here with various members of their family. Dick “Flood” Smith lived in this house, built around 1850, when it stood at the eastern end of the Long Point settlement. The house was once owned by the artist George Elmer Browne, who left it to his wife’s sister, Lucy Frances Putnam, in 1946.

For an overview of the Masthead Resort and Cottages, please see 31-41 Commercial Street.

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