2020 Commercial 045


Jones Locker Condominium.

Not Davy, but Larry. Lawrence F. Jones (1916-1984), of New York City, bought this property from Jessie A. Warren in 1947. The main house is a much-altered “floater” that was the John Burt home when it was out at Long Point. Jones operated it as the Jones Locker Beach Apartments until his death. David B. Willard bought the lot from Jones’s estate in 1985 and created the condo, originally with 17 small units. (There are now 14.) One of Provincetown’s greatest architectural follies stood in the side yard at 45 Commercial Street until shortly after the condo conversion.

¶ Last updated on 18 June 2018.


One thought on “45 Commercial Street

  1. Larry Jones also owned a parking lot at the very end of Point Street, a few hundred feet from my former home there. The parking lot was used for Jones Locker’s guests (before it was a condo).

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