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Labrador Landing Condominium | Main Residence (Unit A).

Labrador Landing is composed of three discrete buildings: the Boathouse on the water, which was Donald F. Witherstine’s famous Shore Studios; the Cottage, tucked out of sight from beach and street; and the Main Residence, a large 1835 structure that was distinguished for its dimensions early on. It was the only two-story house on Long Point, where it was the John Williams house. This was the property of Mrs. Margaret A. Williams — presumably a descendant — at the turn of the 20th century, when it was denominated 18 Commercial Street.

For a view of the Cottage, please see 47 Commercial Street.

For a view of the Boathouse (Shore Studios), please see 47 Commercial Street.

The immediate Witherstine family was composed of Donald Frederick Witherstine (1895-1961); his wife, Elsie May (Hallett) Witherstine (1893-1984), who served as an ensign in the Navy’s nursing corps during World War I; their daughter, Katherine “Kay” (Witherstine) Gilman (1925-2014), described in her obit as “part Martha Stewart, part Emily Post, and large part tough Yankee broad,”; and their son, Lt. (j.g.) Warren Frederick Witherstine of the Naval Reserve (1932-1957), who was killed when the plane he was piloting went down in the Sea of Japan. He is commemorated at Warren Witherstine Square, on the West End Lot, 55-57 Commercial Street.

Title to this property passed in 1966 from Mrs. Witherstine to Mrs. Gilman, who sold it in turn to David S. Martin, in 1997. Martin established the condo and continues to own the big house through Main Residence Labrador Landing LLC, established in 2011 when he sold Unit B and Unit C to Lyn A. Plummer and Maria A. Cirino, as Labrador Landing LLC.

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For further reading online

Obituaries of Donald and Elsie Witherstine. Provincetown History Preservation Project, Page 6296.

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