2020 Commercial 050 House 1


Fifty Commercial Condominium | Unit 1.

The gallerist Ellen Harris Winans (1928-1997) and the artists Vivian (Foster) De Pinna (1883-1978), Ross E. Moffett (1888-1971) and Dorothy Lake Gregory (1893-1970) all called 50 Commercial Street home at one time or another over a period of seven decades. Moffett was a leader of the Modernist faction at the Provincetown Art Association and the author of Art in Narrow Streets.  Gregory, his wife, was an accomplished painter who had studied at the Académie Julian, the Art Students League, and with Charles Hawthorne. They owned the property from 1926 to 1933. De Pinna was a suffragist and an abstract artist whose husband, Leo S. De Pinna (1873-1939) had been chairman and president of A. De Pinna Company, a well-regarded apparel store in New York. She bought the house in 1957 and sold it in 1968. From 1971 to 1998, it was owned by the Winans family. The condo was created in 1998 by Winans’s son, the writer and author R. Foster Winans, who was by that time better known as the financial columnist who had been convicted of and imprisoned for insider trading — the subject of his own book, Trading Secrets: An Insider’s Account Of The Scandal At The Wall Street Journal (1986).

For a view of the rear cottage, please see 50 Commercial Street.

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