2020 Commercial 083 Atwood Wharf Highlighted


83 Commercial Street.

The wharf that became renowned as the home of the Wharf Players Theatre was a cod liver oil factory in the 19th century, run by Capt. Nathaniel E. Atwood (1807-1886), whom we met out at Long Point, at the Nathaniel E. Atwood House. “The most scrupulous care and personal attention is exercised by him in the selection of livers from which the oil is made,” The Advocate stated on 23 January 1879. “We have reason to believe that the oil made by him is more highly esteemed by physicians than any other in use, especially as a large portion of oil in the market, sold as that of the livers of the Cod, is greatly adulterated, or what is quite often the case, ontained from the livers of other fishes.” Captain Atwood’s son Myrick (1852-1929) gave his name to the wharf.

For a view of the Wharf Players Theater, please see 83 Commercial Street.

For a view of West End Racing Children’s Community Sailing, please see 83 Commercial Street.

¶ Last updated on 22 July 2018. ¶ Image from the Atlas of Barnstable County (1880), courtesy of Ken Janson and Robert Vetrick.

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