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Gerry Studds house.

Gerry E. Studds (1937-2006) not only represented the town on Capitol Hill from 1973 to 1997, he lived here during his 12 terms in Congress and several years thereafter, sharing this home with Dean T. Hara, whom he married in 2004. Studds was known nationally as the first openly gay member of the House of Representatives and known locally, The Banner said, “for his accessibility to constituents and his effective advocacy of their concerns, notably in matters of the environment, health care, fishing and maritime issues.” His name is commemorated in the Gerry E. Studds / Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. David Carnivale was the original architect of this house in 1983, while Thomas Green presided during construction and a 1999 renovation. The central roof dormer was reduced noticeably for the current owner, Michel Wallerstein of New York.

¶ Adapted from Building Provincetown (2015).

2020 Commercial 091 GES DTH PVC B&W From Dean HaraDean T. Hara and Rep. Gerry E. Studds at their home. Courtesy of Dean T. Hara.

Rob Jason wrote on 28 December 2014: The current owner of Gerry Studds’s house also added the front porch and roof extension a few years back.

Dean T. Hara wrote on 24 February 2015: While originally designed by David Carnivale — Gerry’s friend, Thomas Green, was the principal architect for 91 Commercial during construction and its renovation in 1999.  Tom worked in Cambridge and shared a home in Provincetown at 168 Commercial with his husband, David Simpson.

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Gerry Eastman Studds, 1937-2006: The Visionary Congressman and the Sanctuary,” Gerry E. Studds / Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary website.

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