2020 Commercial 099-101-P


Nathaniel Hopkins Condominium at Union Wharf (Unit 1).

Captain Jack wasn’t the only waterfront businessman who realized that summer visitors could easily be induced to rent ramshackle pier sheds. So did Manuel “Ti Manuel” Furtado (1879-1945), the operator of Furtado’s Boatyard, who built a pier next to his boatyard (99-101 Commercial Street) and placed cabins on it. David Berarducci, a landscape architect in Boston, has owned this cabin since 2012. After earning a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Ohio State University in 1979, Berarducci worked for Sasaki Associates, the SWA Group, and Halvorson Design before hanging out his own shingle. He was the landscape architect for the Herring Cove Village subdivision at 21 Bradford Street Extension.

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